Get a jump start with our communication platform.

A communication platform designed specifically for the creation, management and distribution of personalised messages. Eclipse knows exactly how to set up and organise this chain, which is why we synthesised the entire process into a single End-to-End platform.
Open the door to personalised communications and benefit from robust, standardised processes that let you respond to changing markets instantly. Business users can now manage and publish content safely and efficiently.


Customer data are often stored in multiple source systems and play a crucial role in the communication chain. Our Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform can link up with source systems and third parties that help improve the customer experience.

Data can be structured, unstructured or formatted. The amount of unstructured data has grown thirty-fold over the past 10 years and is still growing exponentially today. Eclipse provides a platform that makes it possible to synthesise data of various types originating from multiple source systems into a single, structured, "actionable" dataset that can be directly used for personalised communication.

In addition, Eclipse incorporated the Canonical Data Model (CDM) into the platform architecture to facilitate standardisation at the data level. In the CDM, we use a segmented structure with predefined data types such as personal data, address data, reference data, production data, distribution data and content data.

On the platform, the JSON or XML datasets are processed based on CDM guidelines, making it possible to validate the supplied data about the entire process. Here’s out it works: Your organisation provides the data in the CDM format or the default data format for your source systems. We then convert the data and enrich it to the default CDM format or validate the supplied CDM data to allow for further processing.

If any data translation is required, we will make sure that all the data processed are complete and up to date, as this is essential if you are to make optimum use of the various features of our platform.

Content & template management

To set up effective communication across all communication channels, it is important that content can be easily created, adjusted and managed. The content manager within the Eclipse CCM SaaS platform offers a very user-friendly content & template management system for creating and storing various types of content, such as text fragments, headers/footers, images and various templates for letters, e-mails, WhatsApp messages, etc.

In the content manager one can easily create content and templates that support communication through all possible channels and touchpoints. The content manager ensures consistency in communication because templates can be created for all messages in every communication channel. The authorization workflow ensures correct control and approval, preventing incorrect communication.

At Eclipse, we embrace intuitive browser-based tools for content management and make sure that all our tools are easy to use even for less technically savvy business users. Eclipse uses API-based calls to access the centrally managed content and content-related services, which allows our service to retrieve content from API endpoints or push it to other systems.

Scenario management

Scenario management enables our customers to combine all available output channels into a single, communication scenario via a visual workflow and link different triggers to modular output channels. Scenario management allows users to easily manage available communication channels through a transparent drag-and-drop editor. It allows users to easily configure 'What If', 'If-Then', actions and triggers.

A scenario can define a workflow that orchestrates communication for different channels to a target group. You can have a message (drafted in the content manager) via WhatsApp followed by an e-mail or letter. Communication processes can be defined in advance, so that the customer journey will run smoothly.

Continuous improvement: Depending on the needs of the target group, these scenarios can easily be adjusted using analytical data or feedback from the target group. The aim is to continuously improve the customer communication and the customer experience. A useful instrument to help improving the customer communication is the A/B testing tool that is included in the scenario manager of Eclipse.


Customer interaction increasingly takes place as an interactive customer journey that runs through various communication channels. For example, a consumer can contact a company via chat, telephone or by completing an online form. The organization generally responds via the same or different channels, such as text message, email or letter. Consumers also expect messages to be easy to read on their mobile device and not have to repeat themselves because the organization already knows them well.

Eclipse specializes in linking these customer channels. WhatsApp, SMS, E-mail/registered e-mail, Print, voice messages, linking with my-environments and linking with the Dutch government Message Box are our expertise.

We ensure that information from one channel, for example an email, is automatically updated in another channel, for example the user environment or archive. And do you want to be sure that a message has been received or read? Through Closed-Loop we provide insight into the actions that a customer has or has not carried out.


Because we manage the entire communication chain, from data to distribution, we present all insights from this chain in a clear, accessible manner, based on real-time information and a tailored approach for each user.

In our Microsoft Azure environment, we record and log all processes and activities for at least 6 months, or more if so desired. All processing steps and responses can be found in our widget-based dashboard, which can be accessed from the portal. This dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of the communication history of each single customer at every step of their journey, enabling users to track, analyse, start or stop communication at any time.

The production engine can convert data into myriad output formats, including DOCX, PDF, HTML5, CSV, TXT, AFP, Creo VPS, IJPDS, MIBF, NexPress VDX, PCL, PPML, PostScript and VIPP.

End-to-End platform

We have integrated the entire communication chain, from data to content and workflow and from distribution back to data, into a single platform. Pick your own optimum level of support.

We stay responsible for “operational excellence”, which is why we don’t “do” traditional supplier - customer relationships. Instead, we act as a partner, finding solutions to manage customer communications together.

Not only will you be working with a service provider for a solution to manage customer communications, but with experts who know these software tools inside and out and understand the challenges that businesses face today.

We will relieve the pressure on your organisation and IT department with our platform and service model, focusing on management, day-to-day logistics and problems, so you can look out for strategy and customer engagement.

What we can do for you, apart from managing communications:

  • Software development
  • Daily content changes
  • Migrations from old to new
  • Document redesign

The entire platform is cloud-based, allowing for greater scalability and security and paving the way for product innovation.