Tapping into new customer channels

You’re considering developing an app. Not least because push notifications and the ‘red dot’ in the app will make the user more willing to take action. You also want to use WhatsApp as a communication channel. Where do you start? How do you set up these channels cleverly? And how can you be sure that you never lose customer data between these channels?

Eclipse specializes in facilitating and linking customer channels. WhatsApp, personal letters, user environments, and voice messages are familiar territory to us. Through our Canonical Data Model (CDM) we ensure that information from one channel, for example an app, is automatically updated in another channel, for example the user environment. This ensures one complete communication profile.

And do you want to be sure that a message has been received or read? Via Closed-Loop, we can provide insight into the actions that a customer has or has not carried out.

Which channels do you want to use?

Below you will find an overview of the channels we use for our customers. What do we do with new channels? Voice speech, TikTok or video calls? No problem. We always quickly integrate all new channels.

  • User environment
  • E-mail (Registered / Automation)
  • WhatsApp
  • Voice message
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Letter
  • Government communication (a.o. MijnOverheid.nl)
  • Payment channel (iDeal / QR Payments)

The advantages of multiple customer channels

  • You are where your client is
  • Adapt to different target groups
  • Up-to-date data via our CDM
  • Web-based and cloud-based
  • Scalable and affordable