CCM as a Service

CCM software enables organizations to design, manage and deliver high-volume and on-demand personalized communications, such as letters, invoices, policies, contracts and customer correspondence, from one centralized cloud-based platform.

Within our CCM as a Service platform, all customer communication can be set up and executed via all conceivable channels, starting with setting up templates and creating the required content. Through scenario management, the omnichannel communication journey can be set up using the available templates and content. The production engine then ensures that the journey is carried out and all communication is sent through the correct channels.

Additionally, the Customer Journey Mapping module can be used within the platform. This allows an end-to-end customer journey to be mapped and monitored. Because it is linked to the CCM platform, the journey can be monitored using live data. The diagram below provides an overview of all modules of our CCM as a Service platform.