Working out scenarios

Suppose a customer opens an e-mail, clicks on the link in that e-mail but ultimately doesn’t log in to their account? As a result, the action expected of the customer, such as modifying a subscription, passing on data or accepting an offer, does not take place. Now what?

This is a real scenario that needs to be thought through in advance. This kind of thinking ahead is what Eclipse does for and together with organizations. We always make a list of several ‘what if’ and ‘if then’ scenarios. To do this, we use Scenario Management, the data in our Canonical Data Model (CDM), and the connection between different applications.

Scenario’s in clear view

Scenario Management allows users to easily manage available communication channels via a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Operators like ‘what if’, ‘if than’, actions and triggers can be easily set up by yourself. Then again, Eclipse is always there to do it for you. Or Scenario Management can be fully outsourced
  • Clear overview of different scenarios
  • No more ‘loose ends’ with Scenario Management
  • Clear drag-and-drop editor
  • Do it yourself, do it together or outsource it to Eclipse