Content & template management

Content management

  • Master templates conditional text box
  • Content approval
  • Remote & controlled​ editing

To set up effective communication across all communication channels, it is important that content can be easily created, adjusted and managed. The content manager within the Eclipse CCM SaaS platform offers a very user-friendly content & template management system for creating and storing various types of content, such as text fragments, headers/footers, images and various templates for letters, e-mails, WhatsApp messages, etc.

Eclipse CCM Content and Template Management Eclipse CCM Content and Template Management

In the content manager one can easily create content and templates that support communication through all possible channels and touchpoints. The content manager ensures consistency in communication because templates can be created for all messages in every communication channel. The authorization workflow ensures correct control and approval, preventing incorrect communication.

At Eclipse, we embrace intuitive browser-based tools for content management and make sure that all our tools are easy to use even for less technically savvy business users. Eclipse uses API-based calls to access the centrally managed content and content-related services, which allows our service to retrieve content from API endpoints or push it to other systems.