Communication, just the way your customer likes it....

... create the ultimate customer experience and put your customer first.

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The customer comes first

Boost customer contact with our communication platform

Tap into your customers’ needs with personal, relevant messages when your customers want them. We have everything you need to take your customer communications to the next level.

From content creation and management to distribution. All our services are securely cloud-based and fully quantifiable, for any organisation looking to go the extra mile in customer communications.


of communication technology

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Why customers choose Eclipse

Growing customer appreciation

“Our customers can easily reach us via their preferred channel and all our communications are relevant and personal”

Safe and anonymous

“Our aim is to be GDPR-proof and comply with ISO standards. With the Eclipse platform, all the data we process is secure and encrypted”

Scalable and modular

"We only pay for actual use. Without any major upfront investment. Start small, learn and accelerate"


“Eclipse guarantees the stability, reliability and continuity of our communication platform, which we use to support critical processes.”


“Developing and maintaining personalised communication requires close collaboration between departments and stakeholders with different authorizations. Thanks to the Eclipse platform, this complex process is made easy and simple”

Committed and driven

"Eclipse is really a business partner, they keep us sharp and come up with innovations independently. We benefit daily from the collaboration they have with the best technology – and business partners"