Customer Communication Management as a Service

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On this page you can download our paper about our CCM services. The goal of this paper is to outline what Customer Communication Management as a Service (CCMaaS) means, and what the implications will be for Enterprises and Service Providers that evolve their IT infrastructures and software implementation preferences.

For readers who are not familiar with the CCM industry, we have provided a brief introduction and reference to more materials. At Eclipse, we define Customer Communications Management as a Service (CCMaaS) as the cloud-based creation, management, and fulfilment of personalized, omni-channel communications at scale. In this context, omni-channel refers to communications that are channel and/or device-agnostic, meaning that they can be sent across physical and digital channels with minimal friction and ideally reach a consumer with a relevant message at any point along the customer journey.

The paper explains the domain of Customer Communication in more detail, with the accompanying challenges and an overview of our solution.

You can download the paper here

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