Uniform communication style

An employee at the administration department sends a reminder by e-mail. The e-mail has a neat layout and the communication style is formal. “Dear Mr./Ms. … Sincerely …” At the same time, an employee at the customer contact department also sends an e-mail. The employee is new, the e-mail layout is not yet set up and the communication style is informal “Hi … Thanks …” The email also contains two spelling errors but unfortunately has already been sent without having been checked.

Different departments. Different employees. Different communication styles. But one company. A company that should have one professional and uniform appearance. By working with our templates, which get checked and approved, we ensure a uniform communication style, without errors, and with a fast turnaround time.

Master & Resource Templates

Within Master & Resource Templates, organizations can define guidelines or tight frameworks on how to communicate. Data required for this purpose is obtained via the Canonical Data Model (CDM). Eclipse provides answers to the following questions:
  • Which house style is implemented through which channels?
  • How do chat, e-mail and print differ from each other?
  • Which employee is allowed to make which adjustments?
  • Whose consent is required (manager, legal, compliance)?
  • What is the course of the entire creation process?
  • Is a digital signature required?

We provide unity

  • Define house styles for all channels
  • Determine roles and authorizations
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Prevent spelling mistakes in outgoing messages
  • Develop and link default content blocks
  • Set up your own or outsource to Eclipse