Bundling customer data

Customer information and data are stored in different systems. In a CRM system. In a customer contact system. In an invoicing package. Eclipse bundles customer data using a Canonical Data Model (CDM). With it, we structure and validate all available customer data. And we can enrich data, if necessary.

Once all customer data is clearly arranged, we determine where in the organization which data is needed. For example, an application that sends out e-mails needs different customer data than an employee working at the customer contact center. Via the CDM, we ensure that data reaches the correct place quickly and safely. Right where it’s needed.

Smarter with customer data via our CDM

  • Collect data from different applications
  • Clearly bundle data in our CDM
  • Convert data into one fixed format (e.g. json or xml)
  • Verify and enrich data
  • Securely distribute data to applications