Scenario management

  • Channel preference
  • Customer journey
  • Scenario timeline​

Scenario management enables our customers to combine all available output channels into a single, communication scenario via a visual workflow and link different triggers to modular output channels. Scenario management allows users to easily manage available communication channels through a transparent drag-and-drop editor. It allows users to easily configure ‘What If’, ‘If-Then’, actions and triggers.

Eclipse CCM Scenario Management Eclipse CCM Scenario Management

A scenario can define a workflow that orchestrates communication for different channels to a target group. You can have a message (drafted in the content manager) via WhatsApp followed by an e-mail or letter. Communication processes can be defined in advance, so that the customer journey will run smoothly.

Continuous improvement: Depending on the needs of the target group, these scenarios can easily be adjusted using analytical data or feedback from the target group. The aim is to continuously improve the customer communication and the customer experience. A useful instrument to help improving the customer communication is the A/B testing tool that is included in the scenario manager of Eclipse.