Eclipse Group recognized as a leader in the Aspire Leaderboard for the BeNeLux

Eclipse Group (or “Eclipse”) is a Dutch hosted managed services provider offering a “CCM-as-a-Service” platform along with associated services. These offerings include integration, customization, or specific IT development, as well as hosting and maintenance services.

They have been developing their Customer Communications Management as a Service (CCMaaS) platform since 2019. The CCMaaS platform is a robust, multi-tenant, highly scalable, and full-service SaaS application, currently in production in the Dutch market with some large clients

Aspire, a global analyst and market research firm in the CCM and CXM industry, analyzes and ranks software vendors in regularly updated interactive online grids, called the Aspire Leaderboard. Eclipse has recently been named a Leader on the Leaderboard in the 2023 Communications Experience Platform (CXP) and CCM-CXM Implementation Services (CIS) grids.

“It is an honor to enter the well renowned Aspire Leaderboard. To be recognized as a leader in the Communications Experience Platform (CXP) and CCM-CXM Implementation Services (CIS) grids is a testament to our team’s hard work, our commitment to excellence, and to the strong relationships with our trusted clients and partners,” said Stijn Giesberts, CEO of Eclipse Group. Our major differentiator is the strong CCM cloud platform developed to run natively on Azure. Furthermore, we are leading the way with our very flexible and intelligent scenario management engine, offering advanced workflow automation and out-of-the-box API-based integration capabilities and payment processing, filesharing, forms-based data collection and processing, meta data reporting, job batching, as well as archiving and integration with government portals .

The Aspire Leaderboard also shows that Eclipse has recently undergone some strategic changes and is focusing on innovative aspects of CXM like the investment and creation of its own intelligent form solution offering flexible, secure, and easy to use data collection capabilities based on password-less authentication leveraging magic links. There are also very interesting developments in the area of artificial intelligence where this is being positioned for migration projects, content creation, translation and customer journey building.

“In our evaluation of Eclipse, we were impressed by the strength of its CCM cloud platform, particularly its ability to run in either single-tenant or multi-tenant SaaS mode based on a combination of own and third-party technologies, while providing a flexible solution that can be adapted to the needs of its enterprise customers,” said Kaspar Roos, CEO & Founder of Aspire. “Eclipse is proving to be an ambitious player that is poised for further expansion.”


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