Keeping customer interactions on the cutting edge

Examining Eclipse’s CCMaaS solution and the benefits of Customer Experience Management in the Cloud
A Whitepaper by Aspire CCS

Going into 2024, European businesses expect significant growth in consumer digital adoption and remain focused on engendering loyalty and ensuring customer satisfaction through superior electronic interactions seamlessly linked across every touchpoint.
In order to accomplish these goals and meet consumer demand for ongoing personalized and relevant conversations across their chosen channels, these organizations must select a communications transformation partner that will help them stay ahead of a rapidly evolving market.
In this whitepaper, we’ll look at how hosted managed services in the cloud (like Eclipse’s CCM-as-a-service solution) can give enterprises access to innovative customer communications capabilities perpetually on the cutting edge all while enabling them to save money and empower business users so they can achieve new levels of agility.

The white paper includes:

  • The evolution from Customer Communication Management (CCM) to Customer Experience Management (CXM)
  • Research by Aspire within European companies into:
    • Priorities within (digital) communication,
    • The outlook for digital adoption,
    • Difference in behavior between generations
    • The adoption of SaaS and cloud
  • The benefits of CCM in the cloud
  • An analysis of CCM tools in general and the Eclipse CCM platform in particular
  • Conclusions and recommendations for organizations considering a cloud-native CCM strategy.

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