Customer data are often stored in multiple source systems and play a crucial role in the communication chain. Our Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform can link up with source systems and third parties that help improve the customer experience.

Data can be structured, unstructured or formatted. The amount of unstructured data has grown thirty-fold over the past 10 years and is still growing exponentially today. Eclipse provides a platform that makes it possible to synthesise data of various types originating from multiple source systems into a single, structured, “actionable” dataset that can be directly used for personalised communication.

In addition, Eclipse incorporated the Canonical Data Model (CDM) into the platform architecture to facilitate standardisation at the data level. In the CDM, we use a segmented structure with predefined data types such as personal data, address data, reference data, production data, distribution data and content data.

On the platform, the JSON or XML datasets are processed based on CDM guidelines, making it possible to validate the supplied data about the entire process. Here’s out it works: Your organisation provides the data in the CDM format or the default data format for your source systems. We then convert the data and enrich it to the default CDM format or validate the supplied CDM data to allow for further processing.

If any data translation is required, we will make sure that all the data processed are complete and up to date, as this is essential if you are to make optimum use of the various features of our platform.