Set up flexible customer journeys

Arranging and executing the perfect customer journey, giving customers or employees specific tasks and roles, initiating actions based on the behavior of customers or employees? At Eclipse we organize these activities using our dynamic workflow.

Eclipse’s Dynamic Workflow is not a fixed or rigid management environment. Rather, Eclipse develops customized workflow environments with processes that fit in with your team, customer group or organization. Dynamic Workflow integrates seamlessly with our Customer Communication Management as a Service.

Each process is started and completed, followed by the next process. Each process can be given a deadline or initiate a trigger when an action is not taken. In that case, a customized announcement, confirmation or reminder can be sent by text message, e-mail or letter via our CCaaS.

Examples of a dynamic workflow

A number of examples to make the somewhat abstract concept of a dynamic workflow clearer.

  • A potential customer (prospect) responds via the website. This sets various CRM actions in motion, now and in the future. Systems and employees are expected to take action on the behavior of the prospect as well as on the input of employees. Everything is aimed at turning the prospect into a customer.
  • A student applies for a university degree. This involves assigning tasks to employees in various departments, including verifications they need to carry out. The student remains involved as well. They will have to submit documents during the process, which will have to be distributed and approved internally. The student must get the feeling that the process is well organized within the university.
  • A company wants to send a commercial e-mailing to some of its customers. The creative, pricing, ICT, customer data, legal and compliance departments are all involved. Each has a specific, indispensable role in the process. The goal: to send out the perfect commercial mailing and achieve optimal customer experience.

In all three examples Dynamic Workflow plays an essential role. Dynamic Workflow allows you to customize your processes. You can even integrate an additional workflow (e.g. “a customer signs up a second time”) into a basic workflow (e.g. “customer sign up”).

Processes, forms, and documents

An optimally integrated workflow is not only about processes. The workflow can also include forms that a customer or employee has to fill in or approve. Uploading or downloading documents needed in the process is another aspect for which a dynamic workflow environment is well suited. Moreover, the connection between Dynamic Workflow and CCM ensures that customers are always approached in the appropriate manner.

How does Eclipse improve the workflow?

At Eclipse we give you the opportunity to set up your own workflows using our smart cloud software. Of course, Eclipse can also set up these workflows for you in consultation with one or more employees.

  • We offer you the tools to set up your own dynamic workflow
  • We analyze existing workflows
  • We can set up workflows for you completely from scratch
  • We take care of the underlying data and links
  • We ensure that the workflows continue to function: technically and practically
  • Advantages of the Eclipse Dynamic Workflow
  • Clear picture of business processes
  • Faster and better resolution of issues
  • Employees work faster and more comfortably
  • Growth in customer experience and customer appreciation
  • Decision-making based on correct information
  • Integrated regulatory compliance
  • Cost reduction through more efficient working