Management dashboard

How long are customers ‘on hold’ on the phone? What works better as a reminder: SMS or WhatsApp? How long does it take to turn a prospect into a customer? Within how many days will an invoice be paid? How often does a customer log into their user account? How is the NPS score developing? Whatever figures you want to measure, Eclipse provides tailor-made KPI-BI dashboards.

Eclipse realizes tailor-made KPI-BI dashboards based on the specific goals that are important and relevant to your organization. We determine these goals in mutual consultation. The dashboards we develop provide the necessary insight in a clear way. We can unlock the dashboards for multiple devices: smart phone and desktop, for example. Which makes real-time monitoring and adjustment easy.

Links to external data? To compare / benchmark the results of your organization with those of others? It’s all possible. Eclipse ensures that applications are connected in a reliable and sustainable way.

KPI BI Dashboards

  • The KPIs that are relevant to you
  • Real-time en up to date
  • Insight on different devices
  • Data links based on CDM